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Photo: Ole Henrik Nissen-Lie of Seilmagasinet.

From the first book I wrote, my aim was to write the kind of book I wished had been available when we left on our first voyage.
Jimmy Cornell

Jimmy Cornell aboard his first Aventura in 1974

When I started preparing for my first voyage, I had little cruising experience, so I read avidly every available book on the subject.

In those days most books on sailing had one major drawback, they reflected the point of view of only one person, the author. They tended to be subjective, sometimes dogmatic, and seldom gave alternative points of view a good hearing.

Having sailed in the company of people who made cruising their way of life, I realised that there was a vast font of knowledge among those experienced sailors waiting to be tapped.

Over the years I have taken full advantage of that wealth of wisdom by conducting several surveys on all aspects of cruising, their findings being used in my various books.

Gwenda, Doina and Ivan have helped me at every stage, and have also authored their own books. Some of the more recent editions have been written in close collaboration with Ivan or Doina, in the hope that they will completely take over future editions.

Cornell Sailing is indeed a family affair.

Gwenda, Doina, Jimmy and Ivan Cornell


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