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Books to prepare you for offshore cruising, by best-selling author Jimmy Cornell and the Cornell family. Corrections are published regularly on individual book pages.

From the first book I wrote, my aim was to write the kind of book I wished had been available when we left on our first voyage.
Jimmy Cornell

Jimmy Cornell’s new project: Aventura Zero

Jimmy’s fifth boat, Aventura Zero, is the prototype of the new Outremer 4Zero catamaran with zero carbon dioxide footprint at the heart of the concept. 

I thank you for your support and wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year.

Unfortunately 2020 didn’t quite turn out as I expected: you can read the reasons for the pausing of the Elcano Challenge as detailed in the Aventura Zero blogs here:


I am determined to continue my zero emissions project once certain improvements have been made to Aventura Zero. I have been impressed and greatly emboldened by the general interest in my project, which shows just how many in the sailing community (and quite a lot of non-sailors too) are aware of the importance of this kind of project.

Jimmy Cornell

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