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I opened “World Voyage Planner” and closed it 5 hours later. I can sum up my opinion in one word, amazed!

World Voyage Planner,” is jam-packed full of the best information available today…and we all know how information has improved in the past 10 years! “

World Voyage Planner” is well organized AND it is very easy to use…I could not believe it. Pick an Ocean, then a departure point…go to the contents pages, then flip to the page and there it is. Jimmy adds facts about the weather, wind, currents and ports all over the world. In fact every route in every ocean and at every season is available in this book.

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An all-encompassing guide to roaming the world’s oceans safely and self-sufficiently, World Voyage Planner is a blend of insightful historical perspective with hard-earned contemporary advice and information, the latter expanded by anecdotes and opinions from the skippers and mates aboard the 57 wildly divergent yachts in Cornell’s latest worldwide survey of high-seas adventurers.

Lavishly illustrated with maps, pilot charts, tables and photographs, World Voyage Planner is nothing less than essential kit for both aspiring blue-water sailors, and those already underway.

Herb McCormick, Cruising World, USA

World Voyage Planner is a book to pick up for five minutes and put down, reluctantly, two hours later.

Clear, organised, authoritative, and considerably wider in scope than the title suggests, there’s probably no other sailing author writing today who could have packed so much essential voyaging information into a single volume.

Anne Hammick, Editor Flying Fish, Ocean Cruising Club

If you’re dreaming about a voyage or just an armchair sailor this book is loaded with the information you need for planning the correct time to begin that voyage. This book not only opens your eyes on how to plan the trip but what alternatives you have to consider before you cast off the lines and point your boat off shore. This is one of those books you want in your library.

Reader’s review on Amazon

Sailors have been drawn to the sea since ancient times, initially out of curiosity or necessity, but in the last century increasingly for pleasure. The wealth of experience of this unknown world grew a little with every voyage. We now have a treasure trove of well documented ocean voyages, but something never changes: the experience of our predecessors is the best basis for planning our next voyage. This is how knowledge is accumulated. Jimmy Cornell’s vast ocean voyaging experience has contributed to this font of knowledge, and his latest book makes this available to everyone.

This comprehensive book is aimed primarily at sailors who are getting ready to realise their dream of blue water cruising by answering such questions as: on what boat, which route, what time of year, for how long? Cornell answers all these questions and provides practical information as well as valuable tips on all other aspects of voyage planning. He also weigh up the pros and cons of various routes in every ocean, whether a one-way or round trip. All this in a style that comes obviously from the pen of a professional with great personal experience.

This book is not only a valuable tool for sailors planning a voyage but it should appeal also to those who are still at the dreaming stage, those aptly called armchair sailors, physically still at home but in spirit already roaming the oceans. This is another achievement of the author – he takes the reader with him on an imaginary voyage out into the wide world. This book provides more than just knowhow: it entertains, it makes your dream, it paints a picture of a beautiful world, it is pure enjoyment. In one word: it makes you want to go, and this makes Jimmy Cornell’s book so special.

Uwe Janssen , Die Yacht, Germany

For my generation of cruising sailors Jimmy Cornell has been the leading star for sailors planning ocean voyages anywhere on the globe.

He is not only writing about his own voyages around the world, he has researched and collected facts about the weather, wind and currents, ports and yacht clubs all over the world. He also tells you when and where you should sail to make your voyage safe and most interesting.

His new book World Voyage Planner helps you plan your voyage, and once you have a plan, Jimmy Cornell will help you with more information and advice with his books World Cruising Routes, World Cruising Destinations and the new Cornell’s Ocean Atlas.

Henrich Nissen-Lie, SEILAS, Norway

Whether you’re planning what author Jimmy Cornell calls a “circular voyage” around the Caribbean, South Pacific or Med, or a “linear” voyage such as an Atlantic crossing or a circumnavigation of the globe, World Voyage Planner will serve as your starting point.

Planning on cruising off the beaten path? Jimmy’s latest book includes the information that you need to plan a voyage to more remote areas of the world as well. Written by sailing legend Jimmy Cornell, World Voyage Planner is written in Cornell’s practical, easy to follow manner. As with all of Cornell’s books, this one is well-organized and it offers a wealth of information on all aspects of voyage preparation.

World Voyage Planner completes Jimmy Cornell’s series of books on world cruising that also include World Cruising Routes, World Cruising Destinations and Cornell’s Ocean Atlas. With three circumnavigations and 200,000 miles under the keel, we can rely on the wisdom and experience of Jimmy Cornell.

Barbara Theisen, Editor, Seven Seas Cruising Association

As editor of the Blue Water Section of the magazine Voiles & Voiliers for more than 20 years, I’ve received thousands of projects and met hundreds of would be circumnavigators all of whom had their own idea of the best round the world cruise but few included a plan B. A mechanical failure, a place you enjoy so much that you stay longer than expected, a geopolitic situation rapidly evolving… Many are the reasons that may modify a round the world voyage. It is also impossible at the beginning of a voyage to imagine all the different routes using the best weather conditions.

In this comprehensive and latest of Jimmy Cornell’s books, every route in every ocean and at every season has been taken into account, and hundreds of plans B are extremely well documented. This books is not only a reliable ‘spare wheel’ that will assist the sailor momentarily parked by the side of the road, but will also help him quit the trade wind highway and discover secondary routes.

Jean-Luc Gourmelen, Voiles & Voiliers, France

Jimmy Cornell’s remarkable depth of knowledge shines through in this companion to World Cruising Routes, World Cruising Destinations and Cornell’s Ocean Atlas.

The detailed data for a vast number of voyages is enhanced by gems from many other yachtsmen who have sailed across the world’s oceans.

Anyone contemplating an ocean passage will learn volumes from this compendium of invaluable information and encourage them to take that first step – planning.

David Glenn, Editor, Yachting World

World Voyage Planner draws on the experience of not only Cornell, but 57 other world voyagers who weigh in on what it takes to engineer a safe and successful voyage. Voyages are organized geographically and according to whether they are circular or linear in nature. Read more

How [Jimmy Cornell] manages to cram so much information into this volume, in so much detail, and still make it all so enjoyable, is quite beyond me. […] Pick a route and he will tell you when to go and how to go –safely. And always, there is ‘Plan B’ which could help you no end in the planning stage, or later, when there is an emergency, and you need to find an alternative route.

Sailing for Southern Africa

What Jimmy has done, extremely well, is to filter the huge amount of information available, bring it all together, and present it with anecdotes and real life examples in a way that is seriously helpful in planning an ocean passage. And he does so having been there and done it himself! […]

World Voyage Planner helps the would-be voyager plan their trip step-by-step. Aimed at those seriously contemplating an extended cruise and those dreaming about the possibility, this book will give an idea of what is involved in developing the right strategy. Read more

World Voyage Planner shows the results of Jimmy Cornell’s prodigious ability to collect information, encapsulating his decades of experience gleaned over sailing 200,000 miles.

Caribbean Compass

Jimmy Cornell, sailing guru for generations of cruising sailors, founder of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers and author of upwards of 14 books on sailing already, just keeps writing. His reputation for accuracy, as well as the appropriateness of the books that he writes makes each one walk off the shelves. His latest is the World Voyage Planner.

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